Surfboard Tail Shapes Part 1: The Squash Tail

Buying a new surfboard can be a complete minefield, in this series of blog posts we want to simplify all the different factors that can contribute to a magic board or another on the second hand rack.

The first thing I think about when purchasing a new surfboard is what type of waves i want to use it in, the tail shape will make a huge difference towards this.

squash tail surfboards

When looking at different tails, a good thing to remember is: more angular shapes will give you more pivot and sharper turns. A rounder shaped tail will give you rounder and smoother turns.

Tail shape influences the hold and release on the surface of the wave. Curves hold water flow whereas corners allow water to break away. A round or pin tail will hold the water longer making it more stable in steeper surf. A square or angular tail will release water making it looser, skatier and more snappy.

Different shapes will change the width of the tail, which determines surface area. This will influence your acceleration and how much control you have on the face of the waves.

In this blog post i want to focus on the squash tail.

pyzel surfboards squash tail

The most common tail among shortboards is a squash tail, it is a variation of the square tail. The flat edge of the tail allows for quick release. This makes the board very responsive, and easier for sharper turns. The shape also allows for more width, this increases the surface area in the tail. More surface area means more lift, making it easier to plane and maintain speed. This is a great advantage in weaker waves.

The rounded ends give the board more hold than a square tail. A squash tail is very versatile as it is designed to give you better control in steeper and bigger waves as well as helping you generate speed in smaller waves.

timmy patterson squash tail surfboard 

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