Ricardo Martin Surfboards

Born and raised in Rio, Ricardo Martins surfed professionally in the 80’s, making a name for himself in several competitive circuits.  Always obsessed with surfing and board designs, he began shaping surfboards under the Hidrojets label. 

The brand was established along with Joca Secco and Luis Ferreira and quickly became well recognised.  Their prestigious team of riders and quality produced, had brought them to be considered as having one of the best surfboard factories in Brazil. 

Ricardo has always focused on producing the highest quality high performance boards as possible.  His travels over the years to Australia, Japan, and Europe have been extremely valuable, an eternal exchange of information with the best shapers in the countries where he worked. 

Ricardo now makes boards under his own name “RM”.  Ricardo has continually made boards for the top amateurs and pros in Brazil.  These test pilots are always providing valuable feedback to Ricardo and many see him as a second father, a guru, because his relationship with the athletes goes beyond the provision of equipment.

Beyond Brazilian surfers, top traveling pros ride Ricardo’s boards and many consider him to be one of the top shapers in the world.  Ricardo has an incredible attention to detail not only in his boards, but also in the care to closely listen to the needs of his clients.