VANS Surf x Mami Wata Collection

Vans Surf x Mami Wata Collection Celebrates African Surf Culture


Costa Mesa, CALIF. (Feb. 6, 2022) – Vans Surf is proud to announce its latest head-to-toe collection with African surf lifestyle brand Mami Wata, which draws inspiration from African surf culture, key historical and cultural events, and the power and positivity of surfing.

Founded in 2017, Mami Wata is translated in West African Pidgin English as “Mama Water” or Mother Ocean.Based out of Cape Town, the brand is focused on furthering manufacturing diversity and surf development in Africa and supporting world-leading African surf therapy organizations Waves for Change and Surfers Not Street Children. Mami Wata’s mission is to offer a different narrative of surfing and Africa to the world and to educate and share the positive effects of surfing with everyone. This season, Vans partners with Mami Wata to deliver a collection founded on these principles and inspired by important cultural moments in Africa’s history.

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