WSL Margaret River Pro Final 2019

Margaret River and John John seem to have a very special relationship, but also John John just seems to be that extra little bit better than everyone else... just compare his rail turns during this event to the other competitors. Dare I say it that only Kelly Slater is in that same realm when it comes to laying it down on the rail, and in the near gale force offshore conditions Andino just didn’t come close. Pyzel will be rubbing his hands together knowing the fact that the 6’2 Ghost that John John rides allows him to stay in the water even though all the chops wanted to send him above the surface during every turn. 

John John keeping his rail in

Margaret River Main Peak was the scene for the finals day and the size and power of the surf was ruined by the famous West Oz wind. It wasn’t pretty and the 3 turns to the close out on the dry rock shelf was the go to method of getting scores, but you had to be picky and have John Johns power and control to complete a decent turn. If it was cleaner I think we would have seen a really good heat between Kolohe and John John but we had to make do with very choppy and not so pretty final. 

John John wins the 2019 Margaret River Pro 

John John and Kolohe are number 1 and 2 on the Championship Tour rankings going into Rio and this is an event where anyone can win, even Kelly Slater (will Slater even turn up!? He’s famous for missing Brazil) so who knows what will happen in when we head to South America. But the way John John and Andino are surfing they’ll be keeping there place in the top 2 and Italo Ferreira is not too far behind. Even Julian Wilson is just hovering outside the top 10 so this is the part of the year where things start getting interesting. 

Matz Ginman-Trout

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