WSL Corona Bali Protected 2019

The Seeding round has been completed in glassy 3-4ft Keramas, it wasn’t epic, a bit slow but some good surfing went down with the usual names showing us some flare on the opening day. 

The 1st heat saw John John continuing where he left off taking the heat with his on rail power surfing and aerial attack. With John John surfing the way he is he remains one of the favourites to win the event.

Jordy Smith also continued his form in the smaller conditions showing us that he can still put the scores together when he needs to in smaller waves. 

Julian Wilson has had a disappointing start to the season and was in need of a boost in his confidence. The waves of Keramas suits his style of surfing and he was able to skip the elimination round by winning his seeding heat. He’ll need a better finish than his 17th placing in the last 2 events to move on up the rankings.

A slightly injured Italo Ferreira was in his usual attacking style by scoring the highest combining total with the least waves ridden in his heat and skips the elimination round.

Filipe Toledo was the only surfer in the seeding round to score in the excellent range by getting a 9.0 for a huge full rotation air. To be honest I think the judges were being a little harsh on some waves ridden in previous heats but they scored this one bang on. Toledo moved on to go into the round of 32.

Local wildcard Rio Waida was able to take out the current world champion and Deivid Silva in his opening heat. It was a pretty slow heat but it was enough and Medina follows Waida, missing the elimination round.

Yago Dora’s surfing suits Karamas and his fluid style helped him through his round with Owen Wright a close 2nd. Soli Bailey only needed a 4.33 to go through but just got pipped by an ever consistent Wright.

Connor Coffin looks fast and loose and his combination of powerful on rail turns and fin throws helped mix up his usual on rail surfing. Coffin along with Jeremy Flores go through to the round of 32.

Slaters back... it’s taken 2 comps but he looked fluid, fast and powerful laying down a combination of seering turns, a carving 360 and some airs to skip the elimination round. Slater was closely followed by Kolohe Andino who is also looking very explosive. Ryan Callinan just missed out in a tough heat and has to fight it out in the elimination round.

Ricardo Christie looked stylish and quick and took a convincing win over Wade Carmichael and Seth Moniz who has to pick himself up to head into the elimination round.

Mikey Wright also looked more fluid against Joan Duru and Igarashi. Mikey is almost back to his stylish and unpredictable self and along with Joan Duru goes into the round of 32.

The final heat of the seeding round saw Michel Boulez take on Colapinto, who’s just coming back from injury, and Willian Cardoso. Bourez continues his form on a wave that really suits his style of surfing, his fast powerful on rail turns were too much for Griffin and Cordoso, who will have to fight it out in the elimination round. 

With the forecast looking good towards the end of the week it depends on the conditions and decisions made by commissioner Kieren Perrow if we’ll see any more action this week but I’d imagine they’ll run the round of 32 and round of 16 during the week and wait to close the event in the bigger swell that’s predicted towards Friday.

Matz Ginman-Trout

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