In this segment we talk to Mango's newest employee.

Name: Ellie

Position: Mango employee

How long have you been surfing? I have been on and off surfing ever since I was little. However, I am now really starting to  get back into it! I am by no means the greatest surfer, but its all for the fun right? I love a super clean 2-3ft (or as I like to call it... 'Ellie waves'). 

Repping by Mangos tee with my big doggo 

First surfboard? The first board I had was an old 8ft foamie from our local surf school. It was decent, I could catch waves on it, but it was also super heavy! My poor arms were a RIP after lugging it up the cliffs at Whitsands.

Favourite surf trip?  To be fair I haven't actually been on a surf trip. I would love to sometime in the future, but I think I need to improve my technique first! 

But I did spend most of my childhood camping and travelling around to all the different beaches of Cornwall with my family. I don't think you can beat Whitsands on a small clean day, I love how it doesn't get super busy compared to the beaches on the North coast. But then again I do like other spots, such as Polzeath and Gwithian. 

Current equipment?  At the moment I have gone back to the basics and riding a 7, 2 NSP mini mal. Its big, fat and fun! I've called her Betty and gave her a little upgrade with the help of some posca pens! 

This is Betty

Any Final Thoughts, Inspirational Quotes, etc.? Be nice !! Everyone has to start somewhere with surfing! And just generally have fun, if your not having fun then your doing it all wrong! Also big up all those cool women smashing the surf industry at the moment and getting rid of that "surfergirl" stereotype!  

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