What we Ride: Matz Ginman-Trout

Name: Matz Ginman-Trout

Position: Surf Coach, Mango Surf Shop Assistant, Family Enabling Support Worker.

How long have you been surfing?: I’ve been surfing for 31 years or so, I started out both Bodyboarding and Surfing and stuck to surfing when I was 14.

First Surfboard? My 1st surfboard was a freshly squeezed 5'10 my dad gave me when I was 5. I wish I still had it or could find it but it's probably in NZ somewhere.

Favourite Surf Trip?: I’ve been on quite a few and its difficult to choose but I think Hawaii stands out as a memorable one. We went there for my sisters wedding and I was there for 3 weeks. We stayed on the North Shore at a friends house on Sunset Point. I surfed Sunset pretty big one day but also had it good when it was more manageable. I surfed perfect Rocky point with just a few people out, got barrelled and nailed. I watched Waimea as big and as clean as it gets from the point and saw guys towing the outer reefs. I paddled from Rocky point to Pipeline and surfed waves all the way down but it was really busy and HEAVY at pipe so got out and watched! V-Land was the most fun wave I’ve surfed. I surfed Makaha, Waikiki and Moana Bowls, which was fun and chilled! The whole time I was there I never had any hassle and it wasn’t even that busy. The waves were just heavy and nothing like I’ve experienced before. February is a good month there!

We came home from Hawaii and just a few days later a massive swell hit South Devon and me and my Brother in law Martin and a few friends paddled a mile out to a local outer reef and surfed the biggest waves I’ve ever surfed in the UK, Hawaii helped me prepare for it and inspired me to surf heavier waves!

Ive been to OZ twice with my best mates in my late teens early 20’s which will always remain the most fun and memorable trip I’ve ever been on.

I went to California with my wife for our Honeymoon and it was the best road trip I’ve ever done! The Coastline and scenery is spectacular and I have to go back! Recently we went to Costa Rica which is another place I have to go back to… the waves and warmth were amazing… 2 weeks was not long enough!!!

Current Equipment: I've been getting surfboards from Luke Young for 10 years now and my most recent board is a Mahi 2 Twinny. It’s 5’5 x 19 1/4 x 2 5/16. This has been my standard size for a few years. I’ve always preferred smaller boards around 5’3 - 5’9 (I’m 6ft tall but pretty light). Me and Luke have worked closely together with different shapes and I’ve always liked slightly quirky boards, not your standard thruster. The Meteor was a board that totally changed the way I look at boards. I’ve had a couple from 5’5 - 5’7 and they are, in my opinion, the most versatile and best board I’ve ever ridden. I have them with 5 fin boxes so I can use it as a Twinny in small hollow waves and put a nubster in the back for added grip if needed. A 3 fin set up when sloppy and weak, a quad when its a bit bigger and hollow and then add the nubster for a 5 fin when it’s big… I’ve ridden the 5’5 Meteor with the 5 fins in when its been pretty big at my local reefs and at Leven and it feels like a bigger board and I can still get into the waves and have speed and control with no worries.

The Mahi 2 Twinny is made out of recycled Marko foam EPS and Super Sap bio epoxy resin. Its an ‘Eco sled’ so it brings me closer to being more environmentally friendly. Its the fastest board I’ve ever ridden and it comes alive when its 2ft+ and hollow. I just love the way it feels, because it’s so light, you can get through flat sections with ease and it carries its speed through turns.

Right now my ideal quiver would be a 5’5 x 19 1/4 Mahi 2, a 5’7 Meteor, a 6’6 rounded pin for the big days and 9’2 Plank for the small days.

Any Final Thoughts, Inspirational Quotes etc?: If you are new to surfing it's always best to have a lesson or few so you can learn more about safety, etiquette and your equipment. I’ve been a coach for 18 years and with the beaches becoming busier, safety is paramount, especially if you’re finding new places to surf to avoid the crowds. You need to know where it's safe to surf and also how to negotiate your way around the crowds safely. If you’re looking to upgrade your equipment to persevere or just to have something different in your quiver its always best to try different boards before you buy and get advice from a surf coach or an experienced surfer to expand your knowledge.

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