Name: Joe Bracegirdle

Position: Mango Surf Shop assistant, RNLI lifeguard

How long have you been surfing?:  I’m not actually sure, but I’ve probably been floating around on some sort of board since I was really young. 

First surfboard?: The first board that I can remember was made of polystyrene and had a big sticker of a spider on it, however, I snapped that riding onto a shore break. My second board was a Walls icecream foamy (other ice cream brands are available) it was awesome and I think its still alive today somewhere... I hope so anyway. 

Favourite surf trip?: I’ve done a few epic surf trips and all have been good fun. I went to California when I was 18 for a couple of months during the El Niño winter and got some crazy waves and met some awesome friends. Unfortunately, I snapped all my boards and someone stole my wetsuit so I had to come home early, the trip ended with trying to fill a spare 12 hours in the airport to then somehow missing my flight home. HARSH. 

I’ve also been to France, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Indo and Aus which have all been great fun. I have been to Batham a couple of times but it’s quite far and the locals are a bit crazy, so I tend to stay on the green side of the river. (Lol) 

Current equipment: Lost sub driver 5’11 x 19 x 2 1/4 with the old John John futures, I’ve had two of these and they're great, a really good shortboard shape for U.K. waves and also performs well in other spots around the world. It was designed for surfing lowers and similar waves in Cali, so it’s definitely a good all-around board to have. I also have a Lost round nose fish 5’7 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4 with the future T1 twin fins, this is one of the most fun boards I’ve ever had. I rode it in California as big as it got and it went really well. Although it's on its last legs, I would definitely invest in another one.

Dream quiver?: I would love to have boards for all the conditions so I can have fun no matter what.  I’d like to get a good step up for the big days and would also really like to try out a hydrofoil shortboard.

Any final day thoughts or Inspirational quotes? : “Kelly Slater couldn’t stand up once upon a time”, “You're also never too old” and “if in doubt, paddle out”. But don’t use that quote if you doubt your safety, then it’s the opposite.

You will always feel better after you’ve been for a surf even if the waves are rubbish, it's just about getting in the water! 


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