Ever wanted a custom surfboard?

We recently had a request from a customer to help them find and create their dream surfboard. When this happens it quickly becomes the highlight of any day.

Here is the process we go through to help find the magic surfboard.

Firstly it is getting to know the surfer:

  • How long have you been surfing?
  • What surfboards have you used before? (likes and dislikes, sizes ect)
  • How often do you surf?
  • What types of breaks (beach, reef, point ect)
  • And what do you want to get from a new board (more waves, maneuverability, more hold ect)

Once we have been through the questions and got to know the customer we will grab some boards off our rack that we think are suitable and try to narrow them down to the perfect surfboard.

Our customer had been surfing on and off for a couple of years on boards that were probably to small for her, she had gone back to a foamy to perfect the basic skill set and was now ready to start progressing. We advised her that a mini mal would be a really good option as it would feel familiar to what she was used to on the foamy. (high volume and really stable) But with the added advantage of more maneuverability so she could start to learn to turn.

After discussing sizes it turned out we had a board on the rack that ticked almost all the boxes, she loved the way it felt in the under arm test, but as she came from a design background she asked if she could do her own artwork to make a truly one off surfboard.

We work really closely with local legend Nigel Semmens, he makes all of our Mango Surfboards and has 40 years experience in the trade so we know we can trust him. We can do any custom surfboards with the guys at the Ocean Magic factory (you may have seen our gold/silver fade, gloss & polish with glitter in the resin) So we sent the artwork over to them and this is what they produced. Let us know what you think...

custom mango surfing surfboard

This is the artwork our customer designed.

custom mango surfboard

custom mango surfboard

We are super stoked on how this surfboard came out, the polish is so shiny it makes it really hard to photograph. From the initial conversation to us receiving the board, the process only takes 4-5 weeks. So if you can think it we can make it, we can even help with the design stage if needed.

Contact us:

At Mango we love to surf, so if you need any more help about which model or size will be best for you just drop us a call, an email or a facebook message. We want to help find you that magic board, set of fins or wetsuit:

Phone: 01752 229624
Email: [email protected]

Facebook: firstmasonicdistrict

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