We Are Opening A Surf Shop!

So as the title of the blog says, there is going to be a Mango Surf Shop opening in Plymouth.

We have secured a great location in the centre of plymouth opposite the university and really close to the entrance of the mall.

We really hope all you guys will be as excited as we are about there being a great surf shop in Plymouth again, a place where you can get all the advice and product you will need, or just a place where you can come and hang out watch a surf movie and chat about your next surf trip.

We are hoping to open in around 6 weeks, but we will of course keep you updated on everything we are doing and when the surf shop launch party will be.


mango surf shop

We would love to hear what sort of things you guys would like us to stock, If you have any suggestions for products you would like to see in our surf shop please just drop us an email: [email protected] 

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