Timmy Patterson, who are you?

Timmy Patterson could well be the most popular surfboard shaper you have never heard of.

He has just shaped Josh Kerrs quiver for the WSL event in Fiji:

And he also has one of the world's best surfers on his team in Italo Ferreira, we have the IT-15 model in stock here at firstmasonicdistrict and I can confirm it's one of the best looking surfboards i've seen in a long time.

All of our T Patterson surfboards are shaped by the man himself when he visits the Polen Surfboard factory in Portugal.

Tim was also part of Stab in the dark 2016 were Dane Reynolds rated his board as one of the best he rode.


T. Patterson Surfboards was founded in 1980 by surfboard shaper Tim Patterson. The Patterson family has a long history in the surfing industry and Tim is the second generation surfboard builder from the Patterson family. His father, Ronald Patterson, and his uncles, Robert and Raymond Patterson, have been involved in the surf industry since its inception in the 1950’s

Prior to opening T. Patterson Surfboards, Tim shaped at Hobie Surfboards in Dana Point, California. It was there that he learned the art of shaping from legends such as Dale Velzy, Chris McElroy, Mickey Munoz, and Terry Martin. He was involved with all the facets of the manufacturing process including shaping, laminating, glossing, sanding, and airbrushing. Tim is well versed in all phases of surfboard manufacturing and is considered an expert in design, development, and the hand shaping process.

At T. Patterson Surfboards, Tim continues to apply his knowledge and skills to research, design, and create constantly better surfboards. Tim also spends lots of time in the water making sure that his designs give surfers the speed and responsiveness that we all crave.

The last couple years Tim has been expanding his business in a worldwide fashion. You will find Timmy Patterson shaping all around the world in places such as Brazil, Bali, Peru, Portugal, Spain Canary Islands, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. Tim is working with the best surfers from around the world to create the best possible board for every wave type and every kind of surfing.

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