The search for the perfect surfboard.

Having recently moved over to the Mango team, I have started on the journey to design my perfect board. Mango have put me in contact with Nigel Semmens, a well established and highly respected shaper based in the South West. The aim is to work together to design a high performance shortboard which is responsive but holds enough volume to carry a heavier surfer. 
Finding the perfect board can be a trial and error process. Marginal differences in design can be the difference between a board really working for you or not. What is a perfect board for one person, isn't for the next, so the having an understanding of surfboard designs and building a relationship with a good shaper is the key to getting it right. 
Last month I met up with Nigel at his factory and between us we designed the first board. This was based on the dimensions of previous boards I have used, mixed in with Nigel's portfolio of board designs. What we came up with was 6,2 x 20 x 2 3/4 (36.95 Ltrs)
Sometimes you hit the nail on the head first time but often when you ride a board, there are things you like and dislike. Marginal changes are then made to the original design and the next board is produced for testing. The process repeats its self until you have the perfect board. 
Once the board was designed, about a month later it was shaped, cured and ready for testing. After several surfs around the local Cornish beaches the verdict was in. The board had some great qualities, very lose and responsive and very easy to paddle with the added volume. Some fun surfs where defiantly had and a few changes where ready to be made for board number two.
Board Testing - Photo Rupert Lawler
After testing I met up with Nigel and discussed what worked and what didn't. I felt we had gone a bit over on the volume and wanted to try a slightly modified design reducing the thickness but adding more width and more outline through the nose. We agreed on 6,2 1/2 x 20.5 x 2 9/16  (35.6 ltrs) This board should be ready over the coming weeks, ready for another fun testing on the Cornish beaches.
Part 2 coming soon.
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