Team Rider Andrew Douglas' French Adventure.

Southwest France is known for its warm climate and perfect beach breaks. It has long been the destination for traveling surfers keen to score waves, whilst camping amongst the beautiful French pine forests. Myself and friends Jack and Tommy decided to take the Plymouth-Roscoff ferry and head south in our camper vans for a week’s surf trip. The Quicksilver Pro France was on at the same time, so we was hoping to score a few waves away from the comp site.


Photo Credit-Tommy Gunn


We arrived in Hossegor in time for some of the opening party’s but after a night on the beers, we were keen to get stuck into the surf. The town was buzzing with campervans and surfers booking out most of the local accommodation. We surfed a number of times in Hossegor but soon craved less crowded line ups.



We looked on the map for places that would take some effort to get to. The plan was to take the vans to a quiet part of the coastline, then perhaps the crowds wouldn’t be there. Then we would have to hope they had some nice banks to handle the swell that was forecast.



We found a little town on the map between Biarritz and Hossegor we thought could be quiet. We took a drive in the autumn sun heading towards the car park we had found on Google Maps and was soon parked up overlooking a perfect barreling beachy. All the boys where stoked with the find and we decided to make camp there for a few days. We surfed just the three of us out, overhead waves in 26 degree sun.


After a few days surfing, mixed in with a tapas trip to San Sebastian in Spain, it was time for the long drive through France to catch the ferry home. We scored empty waves away from the busy breaks of Hossegor and had lots of fun searching for them. 



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