Surfboard review #3

Name: The Bastard

Construction: Polyester/Foam

Conditions: waist high to double over head

Fin Setup: Futures thruster

Fins Included: Not Included

Price: €479

What We Think:  So putting things simply this thing is an all out weapon of a surfboard designed to slay dragons and rescue damsels by copping in any punchy wave you can throw at it! the board is a high performance masterpiece and needs a wave that fights back when you throw it at the lip. 

This board is perfect for any trip away when you know you want a board that will perform and likewise to some of those spots in the uk that even in waist high can push back and allow you to unleash it from rail to rail.

This is not a board for beginners its for anyone into high performance and quick snappy surfing and someone who wants to constantly be pushing there surfing with new and innovative moves. Its John john Florence go to board on tour, that's all you really need to know. 


What Pyzel Say:

Good in beach break, reefs and points, this is a very versatile board that has quite a bit of continuous rocker for a snappy, loose feel, but still has a lot of drive in good waves. Single concave throughout adds lift and more speed.

 The outline features a tail that is slightly pulled in, giving bite and drive through turns, a subtle hip that also makes it easy to redirect and we flattened out the deck to re-position the volume for a lively feel.

 Not recommended for beginners, the Bastard is a great board for everyday sessions in waves with at least a little curve in the face and some push to them, and it really comes alive in powerful, juicy conditions.

The most High Performance design in our range, The Bastard is the board that John John Florence rides in most conditions and comps all around the world (in 2016 he finished 1st in Rio, Portugal, and Haleiwa and won the World Title mostly riding his favorite Bastards).

Dimensions :

6'0" 19 " 2 3/8" 27.30 L

added note the one instore and online was hand shaped by Pyzel not factory cut.

If this has grabbed your attention, the Pyzel Bastard is available online or in our surf shop. If you are in the Plymouth area and are looking for anything surf related we have around 100 surfboards in stock from 5'6 to 9'3 and almost everything in between. If you want any more information about anything we stock contacting us is easy.

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