Fin Review: FCS II Mark Richards Twin + Stabilizer

Name: FCS II Mark Richards Twin + Stabilizer Fins

Construction: Performance Core and Neo Glass

Size: Extra Large

 5.06" / 128mm
Depth: 5.5​5" / 14​1mm
Area: 21.0​6"² / 135​90mm²
Sweep: 3​2.1º
Foil: Flat

 3.​31" / ​84mm
Depth: 3.34" / ​85mm
Area: ​8.23"² / ​5307mm²
Sweep: ​29.1º
Foil: 50/50



What We Think:

A classic all around template for a twin fin. The fins feature a wide base which extends through to the tip to increase drive, allowing you to maintain and create speed. This also results in a relatively large surface area in total, meaning these fins have good hold and are less likely to slide out. There is moderate rake/sweep, resulting in the ability to pivot easily during turns in the pocket, but also to extend and draw them out on long open faced waves.

The set also includes a mini stabilizer (see the bottom photo). This will add control when the waves get bigger and more critical, but also heaps of drive when trying to pump along sections.

These fins come in either Performance Core or Neo Glass construction. The Performance Core variants are designed to feel similar to traditional fibreglass fins with the exception of reduced weight.  They are responsive through turns, providing drive and speed. Both colours pictured above are the Performance Core variants. The Neo Glass variants are lightweight, stiff and responsive. They are more affordable and durable, however this is achieved through sacrificing flex at the tip of the fin, which means the Neo Glass variants will create less speed compared to the Performance Core variants.

A note on twin fins

Riding a twin fin is a very different feeling to riding a thruster, or in fact, a quad set. Twin fins are very quick and also have a wonderful ability to pivot easily during turns, making them lively and agile. With too much speed, they can become a bit uncontrollable and can easily slide out during big turns. This is where a stabilizer becomes key.

The beauty of a twin fin set like the Mark Richards discussed here is that they include this stabilizer. Therefore, if you surf a short, flat, and wide hybrid board, and fancy mixing things up, why not try a set like this? It completely changes up the feel of the board and is a perfect way to make a board feel brand new!

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