I love surfing in the winter! We have more swells from passing storms and my favourite surf spots become more consistent. I tend to explore quite a bit and go on long road trips so it's really important to be prepared. There are lots of things to think about from forecasting the surf, the equipment you need and how you can be ready for the colder conditions, the heavier waves and the recovery time in between surf. 

What you eat and drink is hugely important to your fitness and your wellbeing and there are some really simple things to consider to help you surf longer, recover quicker and also keep your overall health in check. 

Why not check out the Mango Surf & Turf cafe in Cornwall Gateway Services, we have lots of healthy options and a range of coffee for when you need your pre-surf caffeine fix before heading into the water.


Evonne Ginman is a surfer and a Registered Nutritional Therapist based in Plymouth. She has produced 3 short nutrition films for surfers on Getting the basics right, On the move and Efficient recovery and reducing downtime. 

The video for Efficient Recovery and Reducing Downtime can be viewed below. 

For more information, you can contact Evonne Ginman at:

[email protected]

07958 690054

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