So the Quicky Pro France is now complete! In true French style, ended with some pretty epic beach break waves at Les Culs Nuls. The waves were a little bit shifty but the level of surfing was excellent. With a choice of lefts and rights, barrels were had, sections were hit and airs were launched! Timing was necessary, the surfer who managed to be in the right spot at the right time was able to turn what looked to be an average wave into a high scoring heat. Patience was key, it was the surfers that threw everything at it that were rewarded by the judges. 


photo credit: Ryan Heywood

Throughout the event, it was Julian Wilson and Ryan Callinan that were the most consistent, with both later meeting and battling it out in the final together. However, not before they faced pretty tough competition from the likes of Gabriel Medina and Conner Coffin. The World Title fight is getting really close! Filipe Toledo, who was on top of the WSL rankings, fell to Wildcard Ryan Callinan in round 3, so it was up to Gabriel Medina and Julian Wilson to maximise their lead and gain WSL points. The semi-final matchup between Wilson and Medina was a classic, Medina was stringing together turns and airs in the bumpy, low light conditions and picked up a couple of high 7's. But it was Wilson who was rewarded, a 10 point single air rotation early in the heat stole the show, putting the rising pressure on Medina.


photo credit: Ryan Miller 

Both competitors caught a lot of waves, Wilson just needed a decent wave to back up the score and Medina was hot on his heels. Catching wave after wave, Medina just couldn't get the score he needed and Wilson took the win. Callinan came head to head with Conner Coffin in the semis. Callinan's cool but explosive surfing was rewarded by the judges and reflected in the scores that he needed to beat a very in-form Coffin. Callinan's goofy foot approach to the bumpy lefts kept him ahead throughout the heat. The lack of clean faces hindered Coffin's backhand and the fact that there were not too many rights for Connor to unleash his trademark turns also came into the equation. It was Callinan's momentum, wave choice and flare that carried him through to the final. 


photo credit: Ryan Miller 

 The Goofy V's Regular Final between the wildcard and title hopeful was a closely fought affair. Both surfers were consistent throughout the event and brought an explosive style of surfing to the heats and gave the judges the difficult task to separate them. Callinan was leading for most of the final and the pressure was on Wilson to get the score he needed to overtake the wildcard. With minutes to spare, Wilson boosted a massive backhand air rotation right in front of Callinan to take the win.

 With the last two events on the tour coming up, the points gained by Wilson will increase his chances in running of the WSL title, against the likes of Toledo and Medina. Portugal's Supertubos is the next stop on the tour, with opening day on Tuesday 16th October, it's already looking like epic conditions! The title is still there for the taking. 



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