Plymouth Relocation Board Sale

So, you might have heard we are closing our Plymouth Shop (We will be back!!!) and we are making our Cornwall shop bigger and better... but this means we have to sell some of our current stock to make room for new stock!

We will be continuing our Relocation Sale until we close towards the end of April and one thing we know you'll be stoked about is we will be reducing the price of our Surfboards (only in our Plymouth shop) by up to 20%. So if theres a board you've had your eye on pop in and see what kind of deal we can make you! 

Here at firstmasonicdistrict, we love to surf, so if you need any more help with any of our products just drop us a call, an email or a Facebook message. We want to help find the right item for you.

Phone: 01752 229624
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: firstmasonicdistrict
Instagram: firstmasonicdistrict

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