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As surfers, it’s natural that we’re all going to have an appreciation for the sea! Thankfully, in this day and age, its a lot easier to source products that have been created with the planet in mind. We’ve put together a little list of our favourite eco-friendly items for those of you who prioritise products that help towards looking after the waves we enjoy!

Mango Brand
Did you know some of our own brand products are actually made from recycled materials? Well now you do.

Our Crew neck jumpers are made from 100% recycled cotton and polyester, Our Navy Raglan shirts are made from bamboo viscose and organic cotton, and even our tote bags are recycled whilst also helping you to cut down on one use plastic bags.

And they’re all super soft and comfy to boot!


Reef Flip Flops
Inspired by elements in the ocean, the Reef Escape Lux Nature brings a little piece of our favourite place to your feet. Not only are they beautiful looking, but they keep the environment beautiful too- PVC free and made with an organic additive that enhances biodegradation.

Non-toxic and earth safe- Terra Wax is only made of natural ingredients.

According to De Gennaro, the creator of Terra Wax, his surf-wax creation isn’t even a quarter wax and that’s why it doesn’t blend well with other waxes, it can only be used by itself or with a base coat.

On top of that, its probably one of the best Bio-degradable waxes on the market.

Volcom Eco-nyl Bikinis
Funky swimwear thats better for the planet? It’s an absolute no brainer. Made with Eco-nyl© - a regenerated nylon fibre created from ocean waste. The cool summery block blue makes it hard to believe these pretty bikinis had such a dirty past!

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