No surf...No problem

The sun comes out and the surf goes away....this seems like a familiar pattern for us surfers in the uk, but the lack of waves does not need to stop you from enjoying the great weather.

globe skateboards

We have a range of different skateboards from globe that will keep you in tip top form for when the surf returns,

Weather you enjoy cruising on a log or smashing every section you can see there is a skateboard to replicate your style on.

globe skateboards

Sidewalk surfing has never been better than with the Globe Big Blazer Splash House Complete Skateboard - 9.25" x 32"! This high quality Globe cruiser measures 9.25" wide x 32" long and is super easy to carry. Open the box and get ready to slay the streets ASAP


globe skateboards

The prowler is not only a classic cruiser, it's also perfectly comfortable with longer rides or downhill sessions. If you like a bit of variety and flexibility, the Prowler is the right longboard for you.

The hardware has been specifically selected to work together in perfect harmony. Slant reverse kingpin trucks are super agile, giving you faster reactions and a more realistic surf feeling when carving. Soft wheels make for a super comfy ride, even over rough surfaces. With a large diameter, these wheels can take anything in their stride, whether stones, curbs or little potholes.

Our Skateboards starting from €80 so pop in store and check them out.

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