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Jeremy Flores has finished the 2017 WSL season with a last minute victory at the Pipeline Masters over the new World Champion John-John Florence.

Riding the FCS II Carver PCC Medium for extra control and drive, Jeremy etches his name on the coveted trophy for the second time.

And with storm Eleanor currently battering the UK its given us surfers the chance to dust off our step ups and have a go in bigger more powerful surf, if your looking to add more hold and drive to your bigger wave surfing, especially in the barrel check out the setup Jeremy was using. We have it all in stock online and in our surf shop. Just click on the images to go straight to the product or pop in and have a look.

fcs2 carver pcc



  1. Fins in the Carver family are defined by having high sweep, so they have plenty of hold and drive with an emphasis on control. All the elements you need in a fin to take on a hollow, powerful wave like Pipeline or Porthleven.


  1. Like most pros, Jeremy’s board has lots of rocker. Because of the high sweep, fins in the Carver family are suited to boards with lots of rocker because they help anchor the tail into the wave, adding even more control in critical moments. 


  1. The extra stiffness and super quick response that comes with our Performance Core Carbon (PCC) material is perfect for driving hard off the bottom and setting up the barrel. 


“Whenever I’m riding bigger, hollow waves I tend to use fins in the Carver family, rather than my signature fin which I like for everyday conditions. That extra control makes you feel more confident, especially when you’re driving through the barrel”. Jeremy Flores

fcs2 carver pcc



When surfing Pipe, you need a strong leash, and the FCS 7’ Regular does the job for medium size ‘Hawaii’ waves that pack a solid punch. The Regular Leash has a thicker chord compared to the lighter Competition Leash, and a slightly wider cuff. All FCS Premium leashes have double swivels and a deluxe high-density neoprene ankle strap with soft lycra edging.

Our waves at home are probably not comparable to the power at pipe so a regular 6ft leash will be more than enough for the majority of shortboards, but if you have a bigger board or are just a straight up hell man we stock all the sizes up to 9ft

fcs 6ft reg leash



Jeremy’s signature 3-piece FCS JF Traction pad has dual grooves, a low kick, narrow arch bar, and perforations for added sensitivity. This low profile pad is great for surfers who prefer less bulk under their back foot.

jeremy flores deckpad



62 WCT events and 12 WSL World Titles have been won by surfers riding the FCS II system and fins.

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