Lost board review

Lost round nose fish “classic” review 

These are amazing boards and one of losts best selling models over the years. 

They blew up when lost released the video “5’5 x 19 x 2 1/4” which had all of the top guys shredding on this little board, Corey Lopez, Chris ward, Andy irons all loving it, not just in small waves either. They surf a big left slab in chile that looks like Pipe and the board is always hanging in there.

I had one of these boards and loved it, probably my favourite board I’ve ever had, I surfed it for years in everything but now it lives on the wall at home as it’s destroyed. Would love to get another one one day.

I bought the stock 5’7 in the summer expecting it to be a great groveller but wasn’t expecting it to handle the waves it did. I surfed it every day in California when the waves were solid and it was flying, the best board I’ve ever had for doing carves , I’d say it’s not the best board for top to bottom Surfing or really steep hollow waves but that’s the only slight criticism I’d have which is understandable because it’s a fish. I rode it as a thruster the first few times then bought a twin plus trailer set for it and never went back, was 10 x better as a twin with the trailer. I surfed it for about 3 years non stop and it never let me down, get one there sick !!!!


Lost Uber driver review

Another great shape by lost that I’ve also had the pleasure of surfing. After having a couple of the sub driver models I was interested to see what this would be like, a squashed, smaller wave version. It didn’t disappoint, it goes great in small waves and flys over the flat spots the sub driver wouldn’t. I’d say this is a better small wave board than the round nose fish, you can surf it really top to bottom and in the pocket in those smaller conditions. I surfed it in a few conditions and I’d say it starts to struggle when it gets over 4ft. All in all a great board, super fast and snappy. 

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