Looking for some stand out surf hardware this summer? Look no further than this glowing FCS duo available online and in our surf shop.

FCS II Kolohe Andino Tri Fins


  • Kolohe Andino's signature fin delivers a lively mix of drive, pivot and tail release.
  • Designed for performing fast, explosive turns and airs on and above the wave.

Ideal Conditions

  • A wide range of conditions, particularly good in critical overhead waves.

Board Types

  • Designed to fit the FCS II Fin System.
  • Recommended for performance shortboards with moderate-to-extreme rocker.

Fin Family

  • Accelerator: Find Control. Speed, flow and response with added control.



FCS Kolohe Andino Traction

This 3 piece pad is designed with a double diamond groove and high tail kick, with sanded surfaces for enhanced grip and sensitivity. Like the fins, this pad was also designed and tested in collaboration with Kolohe Andino.

"​I move my back foot around a bunch when I surf, sometimes I even stand on the kick when I'm turning, so everything on this pad has been designed to balance movement then grip when where I need it" - Kolohe Andino 



We stock a variety of the FCS Athlete Series products, with signature fins and traction pads from a number of your favourite pros, from Julian Wilson to Sally Fitzgibbons.

...and why not throw in a matching Fluro Green FCS Essential Series leash to complete the set?!


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