Factory Focus: Euroglass

Over the next few weeks we are going to be giving you the run down on the surfboard factories and surfboard shapers that we work with, first up is the Euroglass factory:

"The Euroglass surfboard factory in Hossegor is Stephen ‘Belly’ Bell’s brainchild – the Ferrari of surfboard factories" and is home to some of the worlds best surfboards and surfboard shapers. It was founded in 1990.

"Belly" is not only the man behind the Euroglass factory, he was one of the first quiksilver team managers or "pro babysitter" as he describes it, he is Leo Fioravanti's manager, mentor and step dad, and his best friend is Kelly Slater. He is one of the most recognizable faces on tour, which is strange being that he's never surfed a heat.

The ties with quiksilver have become stronger and stronger over the years, they no longer just make surfboards. Euroglass run the entire surf technical accessories and skateboard division for Quiksilver 

It is hard to match the calibre of shapers found in the Euroglass factory anywhere else in the world. Simon Anderson invented the thruster set up we are all so used to surfing and has shaped for the worlds best surfers. Mark Richards is a 4 time world champion known for his high performance twin fin surfboards. Christian Bradley learnt his skills shaping under the legendary Al Merrick. Phil Grace is known all over the world for creating some of the best looking surfboards that have ever been made. 

simon anderson surfbaords, mark phipps surfboards

Located only a few hundred meters form the world famous French beach breaks of Hossegor, this provides a perfect testing ground for the shapers pro riders to put the boards through their paces.

hossegor barrell

Hossegor barrels provide the perfect testing ground for fresh boards from the Euroglass factory. Photo: Ross Duerden

Jeremy Flores, Kanoa Igasashi, Leo Fioravanti, Matt Banting and Aritz Aranburu have all tested out there Euroglass shaped  surfboards at the highest level on the WSL pro tour, and then there are legends like Tom Carroll, Freddy P and Peter Mel using the boards in all conditions ranging from Mavericks to J-Bay.

bradley surfboards the roam, phil grace single fin

At MangoSurfing we stock surfboards from all of the Euroglass shapers, from Leo's pro model the roman, to beautiful resin tint, single fin cruisers from Phil Grace. If you have any questions or need advice on choosing your next surfboard don't hesitate to ask...

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