WSL Corona Bali Protected 2019

Keramas is the Venue for the upcoming Corona Bali Protected and this is a wave where we can expect to see some fireworks. This is probably the best stop on the WSL tour due to the righthand reef offering a hollow take off followed by a long wall and an inviting end section. Any of the competitors could win this event but there are the usual obvious favourites.

Last years winner, Italo Ferreira, laid down one of the best 10's ever when he launched a massive full rotation backside air, landed smoothly and went straight into 2 clean carving reos before finishing the wave with a pop shuvit. But it wasn’t airs that got Michel Bourez to the final to meet Italo, Bourez combined barrels and powerful on rail carves and clean finishes to get there but just lost his momentum to an on fire Italo in the Final heat.

So basically whoever can combine airs and a powerful rail game can pick their way through the heats. But consistency is the key and after a couple of events where the waves haven't really been epic I guarantee the competitors can't wait to get stuck into a wave that is consistent, clean and is known to be one of the best high performance waves for progressive surfing in the world. 

John John is back on top after his win at Bells, Italo is close behind and behind them is a collection of surfers who combine the above high performance components so predicting the outcome will be a difficult one. 

Will Slater’s practice in his perfect pool suit him on a wave that usually produces clean high performance waves. The 11 time World Champion has got off to a slow start but could this be turning point in his campaign!? There are some crazy good locals that might be in the mix too so could they produce a few upsets!? All I know is that I want to see more progression and less safe surfing, and this is the place to let it all go...

With the forecast looking pretty good for the 1st day and a slightly bigger forecast for a few days into the waiting period this could be the event to liven up a very below average start to the season. 

Matz Ginman-Trout

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