Luke Young shapes surfboards in South Devon and has support from surfers all over the UK and Ireland. Luke has got over 20 years shaping experience and has worked with Brian Bulkley (Bulkley surfboards, Lost surfboards), Hawaii's legendary gun shaper Pat Rawson (Rawson Surfboards Hawaii) and Rob Vaughan of Billabong surfboards Europe. 

Here at firstmasonicdistrict, we have a selection of LY Surfboards models available in the Black Friday Sale including the Kaiten, Mako and Meteor. 

I have ridden Luke Young Surfboards for 10 years and I've had a selection of boards suiting all conditions from small waves to the really big and heavy days.

The Kaiten is a great board if you're looking to progress onto a shorter board from a mini mal or longboard. It is also great for those small summer days where you can catch waves easily and maintain speed. 

The Mako is a high-performance shortboard that can be used in 2-6ft waves and for me is a good step up for surfing more powerful waves but can be used in all conditions.

Recently I've had a love affair with the Meteor. This versatile board can be ridden from 1ft to 6ft with it being best in 3-4ft hollow waves. It can be ridden as a twinny, twinny+nubster, thruster, quad or a quad+nubster for the bigger days. 

At LY Surfboards they appreciate that no two surfers are the same, that's why they have such a diverse range of models to cater for any style or ability - from beginners boards right through to big guns and tow boards. Although LY Surfboards have different models they are still a 'custom surfboards' business. LY Surfboards tailor every board to each individual customers requirements - also if a customer has an idea of their own they're more than happy to build it for them.

Name: Luke Young Kaiten

Construction: Polyester/Foam

Conditions: Waist to overhead

Fin setup: FCS 5 fin

    Fins: not included

    Technical Description:

      5 fin egg to suit every surfer from learner to advanced. Low rocker and single to double concave accompany the four fins to out accelerate any other board!! Can be surfed in one to six-foot waves.

      Dimensions: Length: 6'2. Width: 20 1/2. Thickness 2 1/2. Volume (Ltr) 37.8

      Name: Luke Young Mako

      Construction: Polyester/Foam

      Conditions: Waist to overhead
      Fin setup: Futures Thruster

      Fins: not included

      Technical Description:

        The Mako is a follow up to the popular ‘Meteor’ model. The Mako is more shortboard in plan shape with a rounded diamond tail.

        The ‘hip’ in the tail is brought forward to 16” to widen the area directly below your centre of gravity when turning and to maintain a sensibly wider tail section. The deep 4 channel bottom and low, sharp rear rails add drive and grip in surf from 2-6 ft. 

        The mako can be ordered shorter and wider for slacker surf or as standard shortboard dimensions.

        Dimensions:  Length: 5'10. Width: 19 1/2. Thickness: 2 7/16. Volume: 30.65

        Name: Luke Young Meteor Twin

        Construction: Polyester/Foam

        Conditions: Waist to Overhead

        Fin Setup: Futures Thruster

        Fins Included: Included

        What We Think:

        Technical Description:

        Luke Young created a performance fish outline with a wing and shallow swallow tail to maximize planing area, coupled with a deep single to sunk double concave through the fin area for increased lift. The Meteor has a very low entry rocker to increase paddle speed and also give you early entry into waves.

        The Meteor has a rolled deck, pinched in rails and especially foiled aft rail (through the tail) for increased drive and grip through high speed turns, this will also allow greater flex/spring in the tail.

        The Meteor has been tried and tested in the past two years with a range of different fin setups and is equally as fun as a thruster, quad, quad plus ‘knubster/TMF’, twin fin and more recently twin fin or thruster with channels.

        Dimensions: Length: 5'6. Width: 20. Thickness: 2 5/16. Volume (Ltr) 28.9. 

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