Are front deck pads the next big thing?!


One of our suppliers, JAM traction, has started selling front foot deck pads and we are wondering if these are the next big thing in surfing? Could front foot deck pads replace the usual wax that everyone seems to use?

JAM traction say that the new front foot deck pads will make you quickly forget about wax bars, as with a front deck pad your board can always be gripped up and ready to go.

The deck pads are recommended by JAM for wide and fun short boards, step ups, but then they also add they are great for barrels, airs and river surfing!

The front foot deck pad is slowly making it’s way into the surfing world and we are starting to see a few pro surfers are beginning to use them. The owners of JAM traction who make our deck pads, Marlon Lipke & Gony Zubizareta, are both professional surfers, so if they are good enough for them, who are we to argue!




- Front deck pads are environmentally friendly as they reduce the need for constant use of wax.

- If the professionals are using them and they are good enough for surfers of that calibre who are recommending them, then who are we to argue!


-Some people think they look kooky but we think they look rad!!


Front foot deck pads make sense & we are all for anything that can make our surfing experience better while also being more environmentally friendly!

We have front foot pads from JAM and channel islands in our online store. Click the links below to check them out:

JAM traction front foot deck pad Black

JAM traction front foot deck pad Grey

Channel Islands front foot pad Black

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