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Team rider and all out adrenaline junkie Andrew Douglas has just been on a once in a lifetime trip to J-Bay in South Africa. Check out his blog below to find out all about it.
When myself and two friends, John Noble and Jack Harvey discussed the possibility of a surf trip, the decision to head to South Africa had left the group feeling pretty excited. Jeffreys Bay offers some of the longest rights on the planet and we planned to spend two weeks riding waves and lounging around in the winter sun. 
The months leading up to the trip passed very slowly but eventually the time had arrived to head on our adventure. After packing our board bags and loading the van, we started our journey to the southern hemisphere, armed with our 3/2 wetsuits and a couple of new boards.
After a long flight we landed in Port Elizabeth and collected our hire car. After a few problems getting the board bags on the roof, we where soon heading along the wild, exposed African coastline. The Jefrreys Bay sign post was spotted and soon after we where sitting on the decking of our apartment overlooking the waves up at supertubes.
The surf for the first few days wasn't epic but we got in the water every day, sharing the line up with a pod of dolphins who surfed the waves with elegance. A passing whale also ventured into the Bay, a pretty impressive sight. 
A decent swell was forecast for the coming weekend, so everyone was eagerly waiting to see what would appear. The surf reports where being checked continuously, as the low pressure system developed under the African continent. 
Outside of surfing the Eastern Cape had plenty to offer, with nearby nature reserves showing off the countries majestic wildlife. We also took a drive down to Cape St Francis, another infamous spot in Bruce Browns Endless Summer. We may not have been the first to visit these places but as it was our first time, it felt just as special.
The weekend was soon upon us and by Friday afternoon, the swell had started to fill in. The waves where building in size and power throughout the day. After almost a week of riding small waves, the three of us where stoked to be greeted with true J-Bay barrels cascading over the reef at supertubes. We surfed till dark and where left with sore shoulders, big smiles and plenty of stories to tell over cold beers.
Waves where plentiful over the next few days as the low pressure system moved east. The swell size dropped but the swell angle improved, so great waves where still on tap. As a group we where stoked. All three of us had some of the best of waves of our lives. Some waves being ridden through multiple sections. The only downside was the long paddle back up the point. 
After the passing swell, the next few days where spent visiting the Bloukrans bridge, the home of the worlds highest bridge bungee. This was completed along with some skydiving over Jeffreys Bay. Both where highlights but flying and free falling over a surf spot which has so much history and international fame was pretty special. Both activities where done with a morning and evening surf either side, which made for pretty perfect day.
The last few days of the trip where spent exploring other surf spots in the area. We took the hire car for a long drive in search of somewhere more exposed to the swell. We found a nice beach break and surfed without the crowds of Jeffreys. The waves where small but fun and it made a pleasant change of scenery.
The end of the second week soon appeared and it was almost time to go home. As we sat on the decking of our apartment for one last evening. Drinking rum and watching the last African sunset, as the sky turned pink, the sun setting behind the horizon. We said a thank you and farewell to an epic adventure. 

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