Andrew Douglas Indo step up

Generally surfers have there go to board for every day conditions but sometimes when the waves get a little bit bigger, its nice to have a board more suited to the larger, faster waves. Step up boards have more use during the larger winter swells, or taken away on the occasional surf trip.

 The guys at Mango have a file set up with Nigel Semmens at Ocean Magic Surfboard Factory. It has all the historic boards ordered, in order to copy previous boards or simply amend your standard board to handle bigger waves.

A few simple amendments turned my 6,3 standard short board into a 6,7 Step Up Board. Keeping the same width and thickness, whilst changing the tail into a rounded pin to suite hollow waves. By adding more length and more surface area this increased the volume to help paddling into waves that move faster and require a bit more float.

The board was then processed through the factory and a month later it was ready for collection. Mango can arrange any selection of colours you want. I chose a green rail with with a grey fade on the front. When the board was collected it looked great and i cant wait to test the step up board when the waves get bigger.

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