A summer board you can use all year round?

How can you not love this Surfboard? It looks like a work of art that should probably be hanging on the wall in your living room, but after the first time you surf it, you will not want to take it out of the back of your car!! Timmy Patterson, take a bow.

The template may make it look like a retro cruiser but it is far from that, Timmy has applied a much more aggressive feel to the fish by thinning out the rails and tail to give hard bite and hold, for faster harder rail turns, making the Devil Fish one of the most high performance fish designs on the market.

Obviously this is not the perfect surfboard for grinding barrels, but with that high wide point you are going to be getting in earlier than a traditional shortboard, giving us average surfers a better chance of sticking the drop. And if you are using the MRTX twin fins with the little trailer you will have more than enough hold and drive in steep waves.

In all other conditions we cannot see a reason that you would not want this board as part of your quiver

The moral of the story is, don't judge a book by it's cover. This little beauty is not just a summer groveller. Surfing should be about having fun and catching as many waves as possible and the Devil Fish by Timmy Patterson will give you that by the bucket load.

This design is a one off that can be bought on the site, but we can also do custom orders so you can get any design you want, just click the link below:

Timmy Patterson Devil Fish

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