This Friday, the 23rd of November we will be holding our Black Friday Surfboard Sale with 50+ surfboards available from €249, with plenty of other deals to be had.

Below is a description of 3 surfboards I have picked out to give you a little snippet into what we’ll have on offer. Prices along with others will be revealed on Thursday. 

Name: Luke Young Meteor Twin

Construction: Polyester/Foam

Conditions: Waist to Overhead

Fin Setup: Futures Twinny

Fins Included: Included

Technical Description:

The Meteor was created by Luke Young as a high-performance fish with a wing and swallow tail to maximize planning area, coupled with a deep single to sunk double concave through the fin area for increased lift. The Meteor has a very low entry rocker to increase paddle speed and also give you early entry into waves.

The deck has been rolled with pinched in rails and especially foiled aft rail (through the tail) for increased drive and grip through high speed turns, this will also allow greater flex/spring in the tail.

The Meteor has been tried and tested in the past two years with a range of different fin setups and is equally as fun as a thruster, quad, quad plus ‘knubster/TMF’, twin fin and more recently twin fin or thruster with channels.


Length: 5’6. Width: 20. Thickness: 2 5/16. Volume: 28.9.



 Name: The Mango Twinny came about after a meeting with shaping legend Nigel Semmens. The Mango Surfboards are shaped at Nigel’s factory in Cornwall. A little nostalgia but with a modern day twist makes this perfect for most UK conditions in the summer or winter. It can be ridden by beginners up to advanced surfers in varied conditions. 

There’s lots of volume in the nose for floatation and it makes the board great in waves that don't have much power. The fishtail is a very versatile design that features in surfboards of all shapes and sizes. Our twin fin has a wide swallow tail for an increased surface area and drive but the cutout offers plenty of release through turns.

Name: Mango Fish

Construction: Polyester/Foam

Conditions: Waist to Overhead

Fin Setup: FCS2 Twin Fin

Fins Included: Not Included 

Dimensions: Length: 5’8”. Width: 20”. Thickness: 2 3/8”. Volume (Ltr): 31.30



Name: Bradley - Killer Fish

    Construction: Polyester/Foam

      Conditions: Knee to Head-high

        Fin Setup: FCS2 5 Fin

          Fins: not included

          This is a big board for a bigger surfer or someone looking to step onto shorter boards from a longboard, mini mal or foamy. The wide nose makes for really easy paddling and gives it lots of stability.

           Technical Description:

          The Killer by Bradley will do to waves what its namesake implies. It has a flat exit rocker under the feet, flipped tail and wide point pulled forward. These 3 points equate to unrivalled speed yet with a surprisingly tight turning circle.
          This is an amazing small wave board but its rail line gives it a fantastic drive and the ability to handle bigger waves. The killer continues Bradley's love affair with the swallowtail and with single to double concave it will blow your mind. Great all round fun.
          Dimensions: Length: 6’7. Width: 21”. Thickness: 2 3/4”. Volume (Ltr): 41.2. 

          At Mango we love to surf, so if you need any more help about which model or size will be best for you just drop us a call, an email or a facebook message. We want to help find you that magic board, set of fins or wetsuit:

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          Email: [email protected]

          Facebook: firstmasonicdistrict

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